Squid Game HoYeon Jung supermodel on Netflix

The supermodel who conquered everyone on Netflix Squid Game. Before succeeding in Netflix’s Squid Game, actress HoYeon Jung toured the catwalks in different parts of the world. Know its history!

Squid Game landed on the Netflix platform at the end of September and quickly, the fiction managed to place itself in the Top 10 of the most watched. In this way, it was crowned with the number one position .

Unlike other series on the platform, Korean fiction did not receive much publicity from the streaming service, which did not prevent it from gaining great popularity worldwide. Being watched by so many viewers in different parts of the world, it has a great chance of becoming the most watched series in Netflix history. Its bloody plot and its characters are the keys to its success. One of the ones that stands out the most from the cast is HoYeon Jung, the actress who gives life to Kang Sae-byeok , the player number 067. Her excellent work, talent and beauty, made viewers be fascinated with her.

From Louis Vuitton to Squid Game: The HoYeon Jung Story
HoYeon Jung’s character won over audiences from the first moment he appeared in Squid Game . The same happened with the actress, who showed that she has a lot of talent for acting. His work in fiction was his acting debut. Recently, the Korean revealed that she was very surprised when she was cast in the fiction. To such an extent that she asked herself: “Why me?”

At just 27 years old , HoYeon Jung was encouraged to a new challenge that generated terror and ended up becoming one of the most acclaimed actresses today . Now, his name is known all over the world.

Before debuting as an actress in Squid Game , the young woman was completely dedicated to modeling, starting in this profession when she was just 16 years old . However, fame came when he became a finalist for the reality show Korea’s Next Top Model , where he participated when he was only 19 years old.

During 2016 , she began to walk on international catwalks . In this way, the interpreter paraded for important brands such as Marc Jacobs , Louis Vuitton , Chanel , Fendi , Brandon Maxwell , among others.

With her completely red hair and a penetrating gaze, the actress managed to pose for important brands and made her way into the world of fashion. Now, with her short brown hair , HoYeon Jung walked the show at Milan Fashion Week.

Definitely, the actress has the skill and beauty to shine both on the international catwalks and also in front of the cameras from the hand of Netflix. We will see what his next project is after Squid Game.

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